Patio Cleaning in Portsmouth & Waterlooville

Patio cleaning in Hampshire is one of our most requested services. Zenith Solutions provide professional cleaning services for patios in Portsmouth, Waterlooville and Fareham.

A nice looking patio sets the tone for a great looking garden, alternatively a grubby patio in poor condition can really let an otherwise immaculate garden down. Green algae and lichen on a patio can also make a patio look very unsightly and slippery which could make it dangerous to walk on, especially when wet. Our customers are often astonished at how a professional patio clean and treatment with a protective sealer can recreate that ‘just laid’ look once more and make the patio safe to walk on at all times.

At Zenith Solutions we are very aware that overly aggressive pressure washing can cause damage to pointing and the surface of flagstone or natural stone patios, With this in mind, if there is a build-up of algae, black spot or lichen, we will pre-treat the surface with a powerful specialist cleaner to kill off these organisms and facilitate easy cleaning.

Once clean and dry, we would recommend application of Smartseal patio or natural stone sealer, this will create a water resistant barrier on the slabs, that helps to reduce dirt and build-up of algae. The sealer also provides a UV resistance, protecting the colour and stain resistance.

Whether your patio is natural stone, traditional flagstones or block paving, Zenith Solutions can revive the look and appearance of any patio. You can contact us today by phone or through our website enquiry form or by calling 07423 660342. Our patio cleaning and sealing service is available in Hampshire and parts of Portsmouth, Gosport, Waterlooville and Fareham.


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